Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a preserved rose?

A preserved rose is a rose that is carefully handled at its peak bloom and then preserved using a proprietary solution.  This allows for the rose to continue to shine with vibrancy and keep a fresh like state for one year.

How do you care for preserved roses?

Preserved roses are very much real roses despite the fact that they do not need water, they are fragile.  We recommend handling with care, keeping away from direct sunlight, water and extreme temperatures.  Also, do not place objects on top of roses, move abruptly or without care and avoid removing from box.   

If they are real roses why are they on a fake stem?

During the preservation process, the rose head is removed from the stem to be treated.  While we can customize an order with real preserved stems, we have found that the stem does not last as long as the rose, therefore your box will not look its best for a whole year.  To keep your box looking its best all year round we have decided to use artificial stems.  

Can I combine colours in my lavette bloom box order?

Absolutely!  Having trouble deciding between two colours? Know someone who would love a multi coloured box?  Thinking of a special design in mind?  Want a colour but don't see it in our options?  These are all things we'd love to assist you with.  

Simply head to our Custom page under the menu Shop and fill out a contact form or send us an email at with your details and we would be happy to create your custom masterpiece! Please note, we require a minimum of 7 business days when completing orders with custom colours.    

 I saw on Instagram you also do events, how can I get a quote?

We love doing events!  Head to our Contact Menu and submit a form or send us an email at and we'd be more than happy to hear your event ideas and set up a custom quote for your special occasion!